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About Remcon Equipment, Inc.

Our Specialty:

  • Remcon’s specialty is heavy duty, custom-designed conveyors and related equipment for the rough conditions and abuse typical of recycling plants and other facilities.  In addition to applying over 20 years of design experience to the unique problems of the recycling industry, we have designed and built specialized conveyors and equipment for other industries.
  • We manufacture single conveyors and other machines, as well as complete turnkey systems.
  • We have installed our conveyor systems throughout the U.S. and abroad.
  • Remcon supplies conveyor systems needed for specialized equipment made by other manufacturers, such as computerized sorting systems. We work closely with their engineers to design the most effective means of handling materials for their systems. 
  • We are often asked to find solutions to conveying problems where standard machinery is too light-duty or not effective.

Our Design Philosophies:

  • Our design goal is to listen to our customers, including engineers, plant supervisors, maintenance personnel, etc., to best determine what is needed.
  • It is our responsibility to know what questions to ask our customers, in order to obtain the necessary design information.   
  • Simplicity of design is of highest priority for several reasons, including initial cost, future maintenance cost, reduced downtime, etc. We are often able to re-design systems with fewer conveyors or machines, and with smaller building space requirements. 
  • All machine components must be readily available for future replacement, as much as possible.
  • Consideration must be given not only to the conditions that each machine should be subjected to, but also to the inevitable conditions such as abuse, overloading, contaminants in material, operator error, etc.
  • When customers have existing machinery they would like to use, we help them determine the value of repair vs. replacement.  We have repaired many conveyors made by other manufacturers, with significant savings for our customers, as well as adding to our knowledge of both good and bad design features.
  • Our design personnel are regularly involved in the installation and repair of machinery, gaining valuable “real-world” experience.

Our History:

  • Remcon began building recycling equipment in 1977 as a division of a structural steel fabricator.  In 1993, Remcon became a separate company that specialized in design, fabrication, and installation of turnkey, custom conveyor systems, including support structures, work platforms, stairs, etc., for recycling facilities.
  • In 1998 Remcon began supplying conveyor systems for computerized sorting systems.
  • Remcon has produced more than 150 systems, consisting of up to 20 conveyors and related equipment, for recycling facilities which typically handle materials that are rough on equipment.
  • Approximately 95% of Remcon’s production is slider bed, combination drag chain belt, and roller chain belt types of conveyors, in addition to all the related support structures, hoppers, chutes, personnel platforms, stairs, etc.  This equipment typically handles whole and broken glass, tin and aluminum cans, plastic, paper, and corrugated containers.  
  • In addition to our specialty of conveyor fabrication, Remcon also incorporates specialized equipment from other manufacturers (disc screens, eddy current separators, walking floors, etc.), into our systems.  This has allowed us to include the best of other company’s products into our systems without being distracted from what we do best – conveyors and their related products.
  REMCON conveyors are all built from common components which are widely distributed and available throughout the USA.