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Overhead Magnetic Separator (OMS)

Specifications | Safety Features

Magnetic Separator - Remcon

Magnetic Separator - Remcon

The REMCON OVERHEAD MAGNETIC SEPARATOR utilizes specially arranged magnets, suspended over a conveyor belt to remove ferrous materials from commingled recyclables. Once removed, the ferrous debris is conveyed away from the magnetic field to the desired location.



OMS Units can be ordered to mount above a conveyor in two different orientations. 

  • In a crossbelt orientation, the OMS belt runs perpendicular to the conveyor below, transferring ferrous material to one side of the conveyor. 
  • In a parallel configuration, the OMS unit is mounted above the discharge end of the conveyor below, with the belts running parellel.  The ferrous material is lifted from the lower conveyor and thrown beyond the non-ferrous material trajectory.


All units are constructed of 3/16 inch steel plate. Typical dimensions are 96 inches long by 42 inches wide by 30 inches high. Dimensions may vary per specific applications.


OMS Series units are equipped with 3/4 HP, totally enclosed, fan cooled motors. Coupled by a V-Belt drive to reduce shock loads and jamming hazards, the Dodge gear reducer is 100% sealed eliminating the possibility of oil contamination.


12 inch diameter crowned pulleys keep belt tracking true, minimizing time consuming adjustments. All bearings are self-aligning, pillow-block style, sealed units requiring grease only bi-annually.


The 3-ply belt is equipped with 3 inch high cleats 18 inches apart and is coupled by stainless steel lacing. This combination results in a high strength belt with a 330 Ib. per inch width tensile strength rating.


The plate magnet produces both primary and secondary magnetic fields with an effective reach of 12 inches.


REMCON conveyors are equipped with extra long belt take up devices which allow more than enough adjustment for the maximum amount of guaranteed belt stretch.



The Remcon cross belt magnetic separator is completely enclosed with a hinged housing design. Belt edges, pinch points and all hazardous drive components have all been covered to maximize safety.


Remcon provides an emergency stop system as required per system layout.

  REMCON conveyors are all built from common components which are widely distributed and available throughout the USA.