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Specialty Conveyors

Remcon has designed and manufactured a wide variety of custom-designed conveyors as well as other products for a variety of industries.  We work closely with our customers who need a special product to suit their specific needs.  Most often, this is a more heavy-duty version of something that is already available, or one with special features.  The following are a few examples: 

Cement Bag Flattening System

Belt Conveyors for Bagging Cement

Custom-designed conveyor for cement bag operation

These two belt conveyors are part of a system of belt and roller conveyors for a cement bagging operation.  The upper conveyor in the above photo is mounted on a pivoting, spring loaded assembly that flattens the bags (for level stacking on pallets) as they are carried uphill to a stacker by the lower conveyor.

Automatic Tote Bin Dumper System

Tote Bin Dumping System for Broken Glass

Automatic Tote Bin Dumper System

This custom designed system automatically feeds and dumps 1,000 lb. tote bins of broken glass both into and out of a crushing and sorting system. It allows forklift operators to feed bins both into and out of the system without waiting, as the system meters the bins into the crushing operation at a controlled rate for maximum efficiency.

Bins are loaded onto a heavy-duty chain-style staging conveyor, designed to with-stand the abuse of forklift loading.   The conveyor stores and meters the bins into a bin dumper. The two-stage dumper then lifts the bins above a large receiving hopper as a second-stage rotator then turns the bins upside down to completely empty the bin.  The dumper then sets the empty bins onto outfeed conveyors that store the bins until a forklift is ready to take them away.

The glass that is dumped out of the bin falls into an infeed hopper designed especially for broken glass.  The infeed hopper meters the glass onto a steeply inclined conveyor that feeds the crushing system. 

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

Extra-Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor for palletized concrete blocks

 Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

This custom designed conveyor included special rollers with extra heavy walls and shafts, separate heavy pillow block bearings, and structural steel frame.  It replaced another conveyor of the heaviest available design that could not handle the weight and abuse.

Troughing Idler Conveyor

Troughing Idler Conveyor for Silver Mine

36” wide troughing idler conveyor designed for mud and rock

Walking Floor Conveyor

Walking Floor Conveyor 

Custom designed walking floor conveyor

Remcon has supplied and installed custom-designed walking floors for both storage of product prior to baling, and as the metering first feed of various material recovery systems.

  REMCON conveyors are all built from common components which are widely distributed and available throughout the USA.