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Turnkey Systems

Optical Sorting System discharge end of optical sorter Sorting enclosure, storage bins, perforator

Turnkey Conveyor Systems

Remcon’s specialty is conveyor systems which typically include processing machinery such as sorting, crushing, screening and other equipment.  The majority of our production has been for the recycling and solid waste industries. We have also built machinery for mining, construction, manufacturing, etc. Remcon has produced more than 150 systems, consisting of up to 20 conveyors and related equipment, for recycling facilities which typically handle materials that are rough on equipment.

Three-deck Disk screen for optical sorting system

Turnkey Systems – Services they Typically Include:

  • Design – Some of our customers know from experience what they need, others don’t.  We work with both, to do our part to obtain the best design.
  • Coordination with building construction contractors, and electricians – We prefer direct contact with other contractors to make sure they receive the information they need from us, and vice-versa.
  • Coordination with manufacturers of other equipment – In addition to our specialty of conveyor fabrication, Remcon also incorporates specialized equipment from other manufacturers (roller conveyors, disc screens, eddy current separators, walking floors, etc.), into our systems.  This has allowed us to include the best of other companies' products into our systems without being distracted from what we do best – conveyors and their related products. We ask the other companies what works best for feeding into and out of their machinery.  We also ask for drawings of their equipment as soon as possible, to check for possible problems such as safety, processing capacity, etc.  
  • Fabrication – We fabricate our conveyors and other standard products in our own shop. We also maintain good relationships with other shops for specialized work such as machining, electrical control panels, etc.  
  • Shipping – We hire the haulers, design the loads (by computer to obtain the most load per truck in the safest manner), and typically unload the truck as well, on projects that we install.
  • Electrical Controls – We write the operating logic and specifications, and contract the control panel to a UL listed panel shop.
  • Installation – We make arrangements (equipment rental, travel, etc.), supply workers or supervise customer’s workers if they prefer (to reduce costs). We typically work throughout the United States and have completed projects in Europe, Canada and Australia.
  • Coordination with plant operations – We communicate as much as possible with plant supervisors before and during the installation in order to do the work with the least downtime and disruption to the plant’s operations, and in the safest manner.  By making the effort to cooperate with plant operators, we have received cooperation from them in return, making our job easier.
  REMCON conveyors are all built from common components which are widely distributed and available throughout the USA.